Shower channel 664.907 Rosé Gold

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Our extensive range has now been enriched with a number of contemporary and stylish products. It concerns a special selection of stainless steel shower drains and shower channels that form a luxurious Unity and collective in combination with other exclusive elements in the bathroom.

By professionally providing these products with a PVD coating, beautiful and exclusive creations are created. Materials coated using PVD techniques are made to last forever. The corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance make it impossible to wear or fade when the base material under the coating is properly maintained.

PVD coating is a process in which, in contrast to galvanic processes, for example, no environmentally harmful or toxic substances are used. The extremely thin layers are naturally very metallic and lively in appearance, which clearly distinguishes them from powder coating and wet painting. In addition to the fact that technical advantages can be achieved, such as an increase in corrosion resistance due to the hard layer, the visual aspect is important.


Article number 664.907
EAN number 8718734702481
Customs number 73251000
HGS code 397384
Dimension: 900 x 62 x 65 mm
Packaging: 1 piece
Weight: 2990 gram
Class: shower channel
Application: bathroom, shower, renovations
Floor type: tile floor, cast floor, cement floor
Wheelchair accessible: yes
Length: 900 mm
Width: 62 mm
Installation depth: 65 mm
Channel material (quality class): RVS (AISI 304)
Shape: rectangular
Adjustable in Height: no
Flow capacity: 0,5 l/sec.
Sloping bottom: no
Nom. Inner diameter connection: DN 40
Outlet: horizontal
External diameter: 40 mm
Removable watertrap: yes
Watertrap height: 25 mm
Material watertrap: ABS plastic
With dirt trap: no
Suitable for waterproof underlay: yes
Widened sealing flange: yes
Wall mounting possible: no
Quality class grating: RVS (AISI 304)
Dimension grating: 895 x 56 x 20 mm
Grating material thickness: 1,5 mm
Grating load: 3 kn (300 kg)
Locked grating: no
Grating colour: PVD Brushed Rose Gold
Grating for tiles: no (option)
Grating perforation: none (plane grating)
Dimension grating perforation: n/a
Loose edge: no
Adjustable set-up piece: no
Connection: male outlet
Gloss level: mat
Lockable: no
Levelers: no
With membrane: no
Sand coat: yes
Dutch make: yes
Customization possible: yes